An Post-apocalyptic Multi- and Singleplayer game.

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Recap August

News, Variiuz

August has been a rather good month for Afterfall! Let’s look into it.
Game Progress We’ve made some good progress this month, Justin and I had finally time to fix, clean-up and finish...

Recap July

News, Variiuz

Good Insert local timezone here!

July is over and that means I have a new and great Recap for the month. Oh and we talk about Afterfall getting F2P.

Recap June

News, Variiuz

June is now finally over, and because of this,
I need to write this Recap while we’re at over 36° here in Germany!

About us


As you might already have guessed, we're a small Indie Game Studio, currently, we're creating our very first Game: 'Afterfall'. Our Team is very small and this Project is currently just a Hobby for everyone, but we're hoping that this will change in the future!


We always need People who are interested in Game Development and Graphic design! If you want to help us or want to learn something new, join our Discord or write us an E-Mail to!