An Post-apocalyptic Multi- and Singleplayer game.

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Recap May

News, Variiuz

And Recap April 2020, also Recap March 2020, and with that, I welcome to a new recap!
Long time since I wrote one, I have been really lagging behind with posts here, due to other projects, school, CO


Recap February

News, Variiuz

Heya everyone and welcome to the monthly recap!
As promised, we have published a small preview of Afterfall, but we will talk about that more in its own section


Recap January

News, Variiuz

Hey everyone and happy new year!
First of all, I'm gonna say sorry for not making a recap for December, it was a messy month and I didn't really have time for it!

About us


We're a small Gamestudio focused on creating community-oriented Games. Founded in late 2018, we made the choice to create our own Games driven by feedback through the players themselves. We have a small but passionate team that works on the games as a Hobby.


We always need people who are interested in Game Development and Graphic design! If you want to help us and want to learn something new, join our Discord, write us an E-Mail to or visit our career page!