An Post-apocalyptic Multi- and Singleplayer game.



The Game plays in Japan which got infected with the Japanese encephalitis virus that killed most of Humanity.
You play as a Soldier which was born and raised into a poor family in the city in one of the safehouses which holds the people that survived the Japanese encephalitis virus.
Your Father was an Elitesoldier, these kinds of Soldiers were trained for one reason: Clearing the infected Cities of Japan. After your father died in an accident, you're now expected to take his place in the special forces. Your Job is, to clear Japan of its deadly creatures to ensure that the Cities can be populated again. As you further progress in the story, the more of the truth reveals

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  • The Game is currently under Development.

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  • The Game is currently under Development.

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The Earlyaccess Program is currently closed, visit our Discord for Information and Updates.

Free*, what does this mean?

This means we will sell the Basegame, which includes the Game and Multiplayer for free. Singleplayer and Story / Branches will be paid content, starting at 12$ for the Access to Singleplayer.