An Post-apocalyptic Multi- and Singleplayer game.


What is Afterfall?

Afterfall is a multiplayer open-world game in which, as an American secret service agent, you collect information for the United States after a deadly virus (RAJAN-1 / RAJAN-2) has infected most of the population in Japan. You were sent there with some other American forces. The game takes place in 2030.


It's the year 2030, you, a 20-year-old female Agent sent by America to gather intel about Japan, it's an abrupt stop of communications has worried many countries, rumors say there was a virus outbreak. You don't know, and you don't care right now, you have a mission, that's the priority right now. Either way, you and your Squad needs to prepare for landing [...]

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  • The Game is currently under Development.

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  • The Game is currently under Development.

Want to be part of the Development?

The Earlyaccess Program is currently closed, visit our Discord for Information and Updates.

Free*, what does this mean?

This means we will sell the Basegame, which includes the Game and Multiplayer for free. Singleplayer and Story / Branches will be paid content, starting at 12$ for the Access to Singleplayer.